Family tourism what to visit in Lisbon
Family tourism what to visit in Lisbon
A city full of adventure, culture and history. Do not miss the opportunity to do family tourism in Lisbon.

In addition to being the Portuguese capital, Lisbon is a true postcard of the Portuguese identity. It combines modernity of technological evolution — a hub of innovative companies— with the past history and tradition that so well characterize this country of the Iberian Peninsula.

Adventure, culture, history: there is much family tourism to do in Lisbon.

There are many reasons to visit Lisbon. In the first place, its identity and history, present in all the essential points of the city. Fall in love with a city that you can easily reach on foot or by public transport and absorb the historic and restored facades of the centre of Pombaline, the greatness of São Jorge Castle, the calm of Belém Gardens, the melancholy of the Tagus River, or the multiculturalism of a colourful city, with friendly people who warmly welcome you, in the style of Portuguese hospitality.

The gastronomy of the country is well represented in Lisbon. You will be able to taste a bit of everything, from fresh fish, to the numerous cod dishes, grilled meats, cheeses and, of course, the typical Belém cake, which will make ask for more. Also in the spectrum of art and culture, with beautiful museums and monuments, all this justifies a trip to Lisbon.

If you are travelling as a family, you should know that Lisbon is a perfect city for the little ones. Due to its order and safety, the Portuguese capital is an ideal option for those travelling with children. You will surely want to take them to the Carriage Museum, so they can see the old carriages, as well as understand the technical evolution of animal-drawn transport and vehicle decoration. It is one of the most visited museums in the country.

Another suggestion to do as a family is linked to the world of animals. The Lisbon Zoo is an authentic jungle in a small area, where the little ones will love to meet and learn all about mammals, reptiles and birds. The Lisbon Oceanarium also offers a great lesson on all marine species and ocean life. Take the kids to what is the largest aquarium in Europe, with more than 15,000 species of animals and more than 450 different plant species.

Also in the Nations Park area, you will find the Pavilion of Knowledge, for all children who are enthusiastic about science. This is where they can do interactive experiences, visit exhibitions and many other activities.

Another plan to do as a family is to visit the Puppet Museum, which is located in the Bernardas Convent. Expect art, learning, knowledge, and of course lots of fun that your kids will love.

If your children are more adventurous, the next option is the Adventure Park, where you can practice extreme sports as a family, but always safely. The park has a large tree-climbing circuit, so you can walk among the trees, fly down a slide over stunning scenery, and much more.

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