Lisbon at a glance: a day on the other side
Lisbon at a glance: a day on the other side
A day with Lisbon at a glance at Dream Chiado Apartments

When traveling to Portugal, it is mandatory that Lisbon is part of the itinerary. But be careful, when you visit Lisbon, you have to understand that the capital is a city that is discovered little by little, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, tavern by tavern, hill by hill. And you will understand how easy it is to enjoy the city and always want more.

When we have Lisbon in sight in our plans, we know that we have to visit the Castle of São Jorge. We go up and at the top of the hill is the Miradouro de Santa Luzia where we can see Lisbon beyond the banks of the river and appreciate the charms it offers, while we delight ourselves with the famous Pastéis de Belém.

Lisbon would not be Lisbon without fado. You can hear fado in the air. There are fado houses for all tastes, one in every corner of the city. But we also have the Houses where fado is lived in a typical neighbourhood environment, made with love and amateurism. Houses like Tasca do Jaime, in the cosy neighbourhood of Graça.

One of the so-called "secrets of Lisbon" is the neighbouring city of Sintra. It is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is impossible not to fall in love with it. From the Sierra de Sintra to Palacio Nacional da Pena, from Paço Real to Cabo da Roca, the harmony of Sintra will be one of the most beautiful memories of those who have been there.

Dream Chiado Apartments: the heart of Lisbon at your doorstep

Located in a privileged area of the city of Lisbon, Dream Chiado Apartments were conceived as a complement to the Florescente Group's offer, thus taking a step forward in distinguishing the services provided to its clients.

Located in the heart of Chiado, overlooking Bairro Alto and a few minutes from Rossio and Terreiro do Paço. We have managed to find in our accommodation the perfect starting point to visit Lisbon and its historic area.

Amenities for a day with Lisbon in sight

Dream Chiado Apartments has decided to bet on new technologies and make your experience more and more updated and modernized, without ever losing the intimate and personal touch that it offers each traveler.

19 new apartments, with a modern design and natural light, free Wi-Fi and private transfer are some of the services offered to guests. Its check-in / check-out dynamic offers the customer a remote possibility through a code sent, although always with the option of communicating personally.

Lisbon has the charm of small neighbourhoods that together become the most beautiful enchanting story. From neighbourhood to neighbourhood, from restaurant to restaurant and from hill to hill, we discover all the secrets that this pearl of the Atlantic has to offer. Together with Dream Chiado Apartments, make your reservation now and discover for yourself why Lisbon was considered the best destination in the World Travel Awards. Reserve now.