Cultural route in Chiado: what you cannot miss.
Cultural route in Chiado: what you cannot miss.
A cultural route in Chiado is a good option for those who visit Lisbon and wish to complement their itinerary with a most cultural experience.

Taking a cultural route in Chiado is to cross with history, art, and culture in every corner. In this neighbourhood there are some of the most important theatres of the city, besides museums, bookshops or churches. You feel and breathe art. Here are some recommendations of places to visit.

MNAC: National Museum of Contemporary Art of Chiado
The MNAC arrived, last 2021 to its 110th foundation anniversary, being a privileged showcase of the Portuguese culture and art. Here, when you see its collection, you will travel the history of Portuguese art, from the second half of the 19th century to the present, with representative works from Romanticism, Naturalism, Surrealism or the Portuguese Modernism periods, and also the contemporary artistic proposals.

When you visit the MNAC in Chiado, don’t forget to take a look in the garden and appreciate the bronze sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries.

National Theatre of San Carlos
National Theatre of Sao Carlos is an inescapable entity in the artistic and cultural heritage of Portugal and Lisbon city, dedicated from its origins in 1793 to the production and presentation of ópera, choral and symphonic music.

The theatre houses the residences of the National Theatre Chorus of Sao Carlos, created in 1943, that interprets the great opera and choral symphonic repertory, being the only professional choral structure in Portugal, and the Portuguese Symphonic Orchestra, created in 1993.

Church and Museum of Sao Roque
In this museum, you will find a rich collection of sacred art, that includes sculpture, paint, liturgical objects, going from oriental art and also one of the most important collections of reliquaries in Europe. In the Church, get lost admiring the impressive chapels in golden carvings and the ceiling, the only remaining example in Lisbon of painted ceilings in the Mannerist period and which was made with the trompe l'oeil technique. If you are already curious, in this video you can peek a little at what you will be able to see.

São Luiz Municipal Theatre
Dance, theatre, music, facilities, conversations… Huge, rich, and diverse is the offer of Sao Luiz, which always attempts to follow the Portuguese culture and the world cultures, a theatre that assumes being from the city for the city.

Bertrand bookshop
Did you know that Bertrand's bookshop in Chiado is distinguished by Guinness World Records, since 2011, as the oldest bookshop in the world in functions? It sells books since 1732, is a must-stop for anyone that passes through Garret street, come in and visit its 7 saloons, each of which bears the name of famous Portuguese writers, such as Fernando Pessoa, Sophia de Mello Breyner, or José Saramago.

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